Operations Management

Nustadia Operations Division

In the early 2000’s, municipalities across Canada were looking for alternatives to the traditional method of delivering recreation infrastructure projects to their communities. The old way of design, bid, build with municipal operation and ownership was ineffective and unsustainable in an era of decreasing municipal resources. It was acknowledged that this was not a municipality’s core business and that long term economic, environmental and social sustainability for recreation projects could be achieved through a private sector delivery and operating model. Nustadia recognized this trend and has focused its growth on Development and Operations of Recreation facilities through a Community Partnership model.

Having been part of a large architectural and engineering firm which designed these types of facilities for over 30 years, Nustadia gained expert knowledge on key design and construction issues which make the difference between great sustainable recreation facilities and others which are not because they do not have a knowledgeable operator like Nustadia on board from the initial concept of the project.  Nustadia often leads these projects on behalf of our municipal and institutional partners by pre-qualifying and then contracting the design / build team making sure operational considerations are “front and centre” in all design and construction decisions.

Nustadia today is solely focused on consulting, development and operations of community and institutional recreation facilities across Canada. Most of our recreation projects are comprised of multi-pad , multi-use ice arenas, indoor field houses and outdoor fields.

Nustadia operations includes facility maintenance, ice and field rentals, negotiating and administration of leases for sports retail, food and beverage, fitness centres and other third party business units , event management, in house and third party leagues, sponsorships ,advertising and much more.

Nustadia has developed a proprietary in-house Best Practices approach for Facility Operations and Risk Management Manual which is unique to the industry. It provides a comprehensive set of procedures for the operation and management of our facilities and is used across the country. It provides consistency and standardization for all of our General Managers.

Today Nustadia operates 31 sheets of multi-use ice, 12 community rooms, 12 food & beverage establishment in recreation facilities (operated & leases) 9 outdoor artificial turf playing fields, 7 indoor playing fields 6 retail sport outlets (leased spaces), 5 gymnasiums, 4 beach volleyball courts, 2 walking tracks and countless outdoor playing fields and ball diamonds under our programming responsiblities.

Nustadia can help your municipality / institution make that recreation dream a reality: our motto is
bringing safe and sustainable recreation to the heart of the community”