About Us

Nustadia Recreation Inc. (NRI) is one of the North American leaders in the consulting, development and operation of recreation facilities through community partnerships. The Company has numerous long-term operating contracts across Canada, and is the leading developer of multi-pad recreation facilities in the country.

Our primary goal is to develop and manage “Safe and Sustainable” recreation facilities for communities, from a financial and environmental perspective. Our dedicated facility management teams provide this service by adhering to a proprietary system of “Best Practices” for all aspects of our services.

The Company has four divisions:

Consulting                                                                                                      Facility Development                                                                                Operations & Management
Advertising & Sponsorships (Nustadia Media)

Providing the infrastructure to support the recreational and competitive users has traditionally been the responsibility of municipalities across the country. Most facilities were subsidized as a part of the municipal, provincial, and federal tax burden. Our proven community partnership approach combines the best attributes of both the Public and Private sectors. We approach each unique project on a life cycle basis to create an optimal business and capital / development methodology for long-term sustainability.


The recreational sport market, particularly in ice sports and soccer, has grown steadily over the last ten years and the need for sustainable year-round training facilities to replace the aging infrastructure has been critical across the country.

Environmental stewardship is an important element in any form of development. NRI has provided a leadership role in sustainable recreation facility development through LEED programs and has received a number of energy efficiency awards.

NRI was created to provide innovative solutions to the development and management of facilities. Through community partnerships, best practices, strong relationships, experienced management, and steady generic growth, NRI has had remarkable success in achieving this goal.