Senior Management

Continuity of the highly experienced senior management staff is critical. The Senior Management Team (SMT) of Nustadia Recreation Inc. (NRI) includes the primary marketing and operating personnel that have been responsible for the successful completion of the developments and agreements in this field to date. The SMT consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and 5 Vice Presidents with each facility under management reporting directly to a Vice President dependent on geographical location.

The following is a brief background description of the Senior Management Team of the corporation.

Bennet Sproule – CEO

Gavin White – President & COO

Edward Pavao – Senior Vice President, Operations, Media & Major Projects

Brad Maxwell – Vice President Marketing & Media

Robert Hendry – CFO & Vice President Western Canada

John LeDonne – Vice President Central Canada

Bill Cruickshank – Vice President Eastern Canada

Tim Watson – Vice President Human Resources

Nicholas Frizzell – Vice President Business Development