John leDonneJohn has over 17 years experience in recreation facilities operations and management.  He joined the Nustadia Recreation team in 2005 for the opening of the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre in Hamilton, Ontario.

Before being promoted to his current position as General Manager, John worked as the Operations Manager at the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre.  John’s goal has always been to maintain a clean and safe facility for customers and staff, while remaining fiscally responsible to the client.  John’s strong background in operations has made him integral part of Nustadia Recreation’s management team.

John previously worked for a large automobile dealer network as the Financial Services Manager and Sales Manager. During this period he gained valuable customer service, organizational and management experience.

John has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from McMaster University. He is a Certified Ice Technician through the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA) and is licensed by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority as a Class “B” Refrigeration Operator.