Brad Maxwell - Vice President Marketing and Promotions

Brad MaxwellWith over 13 years of experience in the sport and recreation field, Brad’s current responsibilities include initiating corporate programs to sell advertising, naming, pouring, and vending rights; organizing and maintaining a database for the advertising and sponsorship programs in each facility, used to track monthly progress and sales; establishing a ‘branded’ approach to national and regional sponsors and cross marketing these opportunities; creating and implementing a best practices program for advertising and sponsorships in the recreation field.

Created in 2007, Brad is also part of Nustadia Media which was established to bring an additional revenue stream to Nustadia Recreation Inc. through the acquisition of Municipal arena advertising contracts. Within 5 years, Nustadia Media has built an arena inventory that now includes over 70 pads and reaches over 10 million prospective customers for clients throughout Canada.

Mr. Maxwell has a Diploma of Volunteer Management Level II from Mohawk College, a Diploma in the Recreation Leadership Program from Mohawk College, and a Certificate in First Aid and CPR.