Nustadia Recreation Inc. (NRI) is one of the North American leaders in the development and operation of recreation facilities. NRI has multiple, long-term contracts while experiencing impressive expansion and growth.

Providing the infrastructure to support the recreational and competitive users has traditionally been the responsibility of municipalities across the country. Most of the facilities were constructed and subsidized in operations as a part of the municipal, provincial, and federal tax burden. Canadians are regarded as one of the world leaders in the development of hockey players, figure skaters, and curlers, and we have produced a large number of the top athletes globally for all types of ice related sports.

Tim Horton's 4 Ice Centre
Tim Horton's 4 Ice Centre

The recreational sport market has grown steadily over the last ten years despite many predictions to the contrary. Slight increases in the traditional boys minor sports systems have been augmented by unprecedented growth in girls, women’s, and participants as a whole.

Soccer is the fastest growing recreational sport in Canada for both genders at all ages. Our Women’s National Team’s success at the world level has spurred a quickly growing elite youth program, and the need for year-round training facilities is now critical across the country.

Downloading of responsibilities to the Municipal governments, and changing tax structures, has resulted in a severe strain on the ability of cities and towns to replace aging facilities, and has created a trend towards a “user pay” approach to sustainable operations.

Environmental stewardship is a critically important element in any form of development. NRI has provided a leadership role in sustainable recreation facility development through LEED programs and other energy efficient awards.

Nustadia Recreation Inc. was created to provide innovative solutions to the development of new facilities in the private sector and through community partnerships. Nustadia has had remarkable success in this type of development and has become one of the most experienced multipurpose recreation facility developers/ operators in North America.

UOIT Campus Tennis Centre
UOIT Campus Tennis Centre

The company has a mandate to expand the operating division in North America through new developments and community partnerships in two primary market areas; recreational multi-use facilities and indoor soccer. Other projects / operations may be considered on a selective basis.

The goal of the senior management team is to provide a successful and efficient integration of all the various operating entities. This is achieved through the implementation of a “best practices” approach to the provision of recreation facility operating and development management services.

Based on the current management portfolio, and a long list of prospects, Nustadia Recreation Inc. will experience significant growth over the next five years. Municipalities are seeking community partners to provide a level of service to their constituents that is comparable or better than the traditional municipal standard and with the efficiency of a private sector operation. Nustadia Recreation Inc. is uniquely qualified for this role, with the proven ability to develop, finance, and operate facilities for community-based and adult programs in the recreation market sector.

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