Michael HorodenkaMichael comes to the Nustadia by way of a fifteen year career as an entrepreneur, expert arena ice technician, university sports facility Operations Manager and NHL ice consultant.

Driven to make significant contributions to the modernization of arena ice operations, Michael developed his entrepreneurial acumen—building brands, markets, and distribution networks throughout North America—while immersing himself in the art and science of ice making. While working as an Operator in municipal, private, and professional facilities, he identified ice quality issues and energy and labour inefficiencies, and developed systems and technologies to make better ice more efficiently.

Michael co-invented, marketed, and trained operators throughout North America on patented systems, the greatest ice-industry innovations since the Zamboni, enabling numerous facilities, including many in the NHL, to make great ice more efficiently. His work has been recognized by industry leaders such as Don Cherry, who has called Michael “The Ice Man”, Dan Craig, NHL Ice Expert, and officials of the Women’s World and USA Figure Skating Competitions.

As the Operations Manager of the Joshua’s Creek Twin Pad Arena, Michael aims to provide and promote a safe and clean environment to work and play, enhance public relations, increase revenue and decrease expenses. His pursuit of excellent operations with optimum efficiency persists and he continues to develop new technologies, standardized best practices and high quality operator training programs in pursuit of these aims.