Lace ‘em up

March 2nd will mark our fourth annual Curling Fundraiser, which has yet again brought in the maximum number of participants and is projected to raise close to $3,000 dollars for the Lace ‘Em Up Program. This program was put together by the Durham Regional and Toronto Metro Police, who have dedicated themselves in cutting registration and equipment costs for families all around the Greater Toronto area.


A special thanks to our intern student, Levi Webster, who has put a great amount of time and effort in organizing the event.


With high expectations this year, Campus Ice Centre’s home Varsity teams, UOIT Ridgebacks, have unfortunately fallen short of playoffs this season. Each team, men and women, closed their seasons off with losses on the road.


The Women came very close to making the postseason and had their best year posting a record of 10 wins and 16 losses. Team captain, Jill Morillo, had an outstanding year finishing fourth in OUA scoring.


The Men’s team finished on a high note beating Western Mustangs, OUA’s top ranked team, by a score of 9 – 5 in our building.


On the health and fitness side of the things, our General Manager, Tim Watson, has devoted himself to working out each day in preparation for the Nustadia football challenge. Team Watson will consist of Tim Watson, Brett Bullough and John LeDonne; versus Team Pisano, consisting of Mike Pisano, Chris Kerr and Brad Maxwell. Heated trash talk has taken place since the annual Christmas dinner and is rumored take place in May. Odds on Tim Watson finishing the full game will be 100-1. Place your wagers now!